The design is an important step to any construction project, however, not all designs are created equally. At Kasty Landscaping we take great pride in archiving award-winning landscapes through great design.

This starts by going through our stringent consultation process where all of the pieces of the project are articulated. You next will leave your trust with a talented team of passionate designers. Countless hours are spent on the computer to try new layouts and possibilities, keeping in mind customers suggestions and material limitations. Since all yards and customer needs differ, it is very important to get this part right. Once we have preliminary drawings plotted we have another meeting to go over the layout we have chosen. Once okayed by the clients we then go to suppliers to pick out materials. All with the help of your designers helping you through the process and giving suggestions. Final drawings will be provided to clients prior to work commencing.

Your Lavish Outdoor living space awaits



We start every project off by meeting with you to go over what the project will entail and provide us with the base foundation in order to move on to creating your custom
2D design.

3d_design_kasty landscaping.jpg


We also offer customized 3D designs using state of the art software.