Landscaping Design Packages

See it before it happens.

Design Packages

Hand Drawing

Simple hand drawings are often good enough for conveying a look or idea without the need of complicated 3D models or computer-aided drawings (CAD). For small projects this is the perfect way to put money towards your project and not into a design.

2D Computer Drawing

With the help of computers Kasty landscaping has the ability to take your ideas and turn them into working drawings for all contractors on the job. This gives detailed insight into what materials to use and very accurate measurements.

3D Model

If you're like most people and have great ideas but just can't imagine the final product, then we can help. Using powerful software we can take all of your ideas and turn them into a 3D space that you can virtually walk through. This allows you to make sure your yard has the feel you’re looking for. Much like its 2D counterpart, this model provides contractors with detailed information and precise measurements for your job.

Sneek Peek

Below is a video we recorded to give you a little inside look at the process for constructing your beautiful landscapes, as well as examples of what finished products can look like.